CCFS conducts a variety of assessments for courts or treatment-planning purposes. Referrals come from probation and parole offices, social service agencies, attorneys, individuals or families, and a variety of other community resources. Each assessment is tailored to the specific needs of the client and his or her circumstances, and typically consists of clinical interviews, specialized testing, record reviews, and collateral contacts.

Psychosexual Risk Assessment

For criminal/civil dispositional hearings, custody/visitation issues, child protective services investigations, or other situations where a formal evaluation has been requested related to an individual’s sexual behavior and its associated risks, this assessment focuses on conceptualizing and understanding the nature of the sexualized behavior, providing an assessment of risk, and outlining relevant treatment and management recommendations.

Play-Based Developmental Assessment

For children exhibiting some type of sexual acting-out behavior or maladjustment, this evaluation utilizes a number of non-directive play therapy techniques to provide information about the nature of the behavior and provides recommendations regarding treatment and case management. It is typically used in cases of young children unable to verbalize information related to their experiences and/or needs.

Assessment for Treatment

The purpose of this evaluation is to determine whether an individual is in need of specialized services and, if so, to provide specific treatment planning and case-management recommendations. This report includes a summary of the relevant information, rather than all the specific details contained in the Psychosexual Risk Assessment.

Psychosexual Evaluation

This evaluation is designed for children, adolescents, and adults who have either displayed some type of sexualized behavior or been victims of sexual abuse and need recommendations for treatment purposes.

Threat/Risk Assessment

This evaluation is designed to evaluate an adolescent’s or adult’s risk for engaging in violent behavior and to identify strategies for mitigating risk factors.